World Class Technology

We take pride in using the latest and most dependable core booking technologies, corporate self-booking tools, ancillary and support software.

What does this mean to you?

When we say world class technology, we mean it. By using reliable systems and software, we ensure that you will have backing and support no matter where in the world you find yourself – no matter what the time of day is. It’s also with the help of these systems that corporate travel spend can be tracked and managed through our MIS reports and frequent client review meetings.

The international Global Distribution System provider that we use provides technology which allows the consolidation of bookings for flights, car rentals, accommodation, transfers, even rail and river cruises! This conveniently places everything in one manageable portal, which is accessible 24 hours a day – something you can access yourself with our convenient corporate self-booking tool.

Features of our booking technology and ancillary software

Core Booking Technologies

We are contracted with Travelport who provide and support the Smartpoint Global Distribution System and related systems for booking travel services.

Corporate Self-booking Tools

Here you can opt for Travolution, an international self-booking tool by Welltravel used by businesses across the world. You could also opt for Travelsoft, a locally developed self-booking tool. The benefits of a corporate self-booking tool include comprehensive reporting, travel policy enforcement, corporate travel pre-approval, as well as back-office integration and automation.

Ancillary Software and Technology

We use a number of different ancillary software products to support the daily business of booking travel products and servicing clients. In this domain, we make life easier with the ability to send anything from itineraries to hotel voucher information right through to your mobile while you’re on the go. You can also get access to real-time travel spend reporting and a travel industry specific accounting system.